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An alternate way to improving your health.

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Let me show you how my Sessions can transform you:

We are very fortunate in this day and age that we are blessed with many modalities to heal ourselves. In addition to modern medicine, alternative medicine allows us to take charge of our own lives and empower our minds and bodies to serve us best. We all play a significant role in our own health and healing.  


Typical sessions with me target the root of illness, pain, and discomfort. In addition, sessions can rebalance your energy centres, promote relaxation, and remove self-sabotaging beliefs by creating positive affirmations that serve your best interests while attracting abundance and wellness. Benefits can be seen at work, in your relationships, in your confidence levels and in your health and wellbeing. Each modality (Reiki, PSYCH-K®, Shadow Energetics, Holoenergetics® etc.) can be used alone or to complement one another.



7 Dunedin Court
Kitchener, Ontario N2E 3M9
Tel: 519-591-9908

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