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Shadow Energetics

What is Shadow Energetics?


Shadow energetics is a belief change program developed by Darryl Gurney that guides us past self-punishing patterns. Darryl has been involved with mind and body therapy for 25 years. 


Shadow Energetics looks at being complete or whole by embracing all parts of our being. When we disown or suppress parts of our self, we attract this energy into our life. This is why many of us find ourselves attracting the same people or circumstances into our lives. Once we embrace these unwanted parts of our being, we are whole and are better able to heal our bodies and our relationships. We no longer draw this energy into our life.


What are shadows?


Shadows are traits or ‘selves’ that we disown. Every shadow has value. Our disowned shadows can be our most valuable treasures.


We can also have others carry aspects of our disowned selves i.e., Perhaps you and your daughter are both perfectionists, who disown imperfection. Shadow Energetics can help both individuals to embrace this disowned trait/shadow (imperfection) in ourselves and in others allowing for balance in our life. A natural compassion develops towards oneself and others.


Sub Personalities:


We have many ‘selves’ or sub-personalities that tend to control or run our lives. (The Pusher, The Pleaser, The Inner Patriarch, The Perfectionist, The Rational Mind, The Responsible Self etc.) - Holoenergetics®2013

Shadow Energetics helps to bring these personalities into balance.


Who do you judge?


People who you judge often show the shadows/traits that you suppress. Once we accept that these traits are also parts of our own being, we are no longer triggered by their existence in our self or in others.


Sessions may work on:


Belief Change for Primary Selves/Sub-personalities (The Pusher, The Pleaser, The Inner Patriarch, The Perfectionist, The Rational Mind, The Responsible Self etc.)


This replaces subconscious beliefs that our sub-personalities hold with beliefs that serve us i.e., "It is okay for me to say no."


Belief Change for Inner Child:


This replaces subconscious beliefs that block goals with beliefs that support our inner child needs and our goals i.e., "I am free from my inner critic" or "I deserve to have my needs met." etc.


Shadow Integration Process:


Light Shadows (integrating characteristics we admire in others yet disown in ourselves)

Dark Shadows (integrating characteristics we do not like in ourselves and in others and hide from others)    


Relationship Alignment:


Assists in harmonizing relationships by aligning and clearing the chakras with another individual i.e., parent, child, sibling, spouse, etc.) This can lead to a deeper understanding and love between those involved.


Dream Analysis:


Dreams are full of symbols and messages that our subconscious mind uses to communicate messages. Dreams can give us clues about our limiting beliefs and fears. By examining dreams, we can identify these limiting beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs that serve you.


Fee: $100/hour. Most sessions are 90 mins ($150.00) - often combined with PSYCH-K®


Debbie Ford: What is the role of the shadow? 


To further explore and understand what SHADOWS are and how they impact your life, watch the following video:

Shadow Energetics
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