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My name is Christa. My family has a history of glaucoma. I came to Tamiko concerned about the high pressure built up in my right eye. My pressure had been increasing for the past few years and has been somewhat controlled with drops. Recently, my optometrist was concerned after my eye pressure rose drastically. Tamiko combined Holoenergetics® and Vogel Crystal work on my eye. My last visit to my eye doctor was very surprising. My levels decreased significantly and I was told that he didn’t need to see me again for the next 6 months!

Christa H.

I have been receiving the benefits of Reiki and Psych-k for years with Tamiko Boug. She has helped me deal with extreme emotional pain. I am in a very good place now and know I owe a lot of my contentment to her.

Nicole S.

During and after my battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I received Reiki and Psych-k treatments from Tami. The Reiki treatments offered a powerful sense of strength and control over the disease like nothing else. Even when I believed my attitudes were positive, the Psych-k treatments allowed me to identify my inner negative subconscious beliefs and create new positive beliefs to support optimal health and wellness. At a time when I could have been overcome with pessimism, with the help of Tami’s amazing spirit, positive energy and empowering Reiki and Psych-k treatments I remained optimistic, confident and in control. It is so important to engage in only those things that serve your purpose of getting well during a hard battle with cancer. I strongly believe that the Reiki and Psych-K treatments I engaged in were instrumental in achieving my final goal. I continue to celebrate a healthy life and remain cancer free since October 2009.”

Robin C.

Many years ago, I was dealing with a variety of health issues, such as C-Deficile, and later on a knee replacement. These presented strong emotional, psychological and physical hurdles. During my bout with C-Deficile, I was faced with anxiety as I felt like I had no control over my body or my outcome.  I felt like I wasn’t getting any help from modern medicine. It was then that I tried Reiki and Psych-K with Tami Boug. The Reiki and Psych-K resulted in a newfound confidence and a positive mental attitude to take control of my circumstances. I noticed a change and I felt, relaxed. I wondered what the hell is going on. Even though I didn’t understand the process, I knew that something positive was happening. I was healing. I had confidence in Tami.  I am positive that Tami got me through this difficult time. My C-Deficile is gone and has not come back.


I have become a real believer that if things are not working for you, to try natural medicine. You have nothing to lose. When I had knee surgery, I also benefited from Reiki and Psych-K. As a result, I knew that I was capable of healing quickly.


I am a believer in natural medicine. I am in control. I feel more in charge of who I am now and how I can deal with my future.


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