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Pure Wellness Healing sessions can include an individual energy modality or it may combine one or more modalities. Reiki is usually booked for a 1-hour session on its own. Shamballa can be a short 20-minute session on its own or it is sometimes included at the end of a PSYCH-K® session if needed. Most of the modalities (PSYCH-K®, Shadow Energetics and Holoenergetics) work together and are often combined in a session.


Fees Summary:


Reiki -$90 (1hr.): combined with the iMRS 2000 mat

Shamballa (20 mins.) -$25

PSYCH-K® - $100/hour- most sessions run around one and a half hours

Shadow Energetics - $100/hour - most sessions run around one and a half hours - often combined with PSYCH-K®

Holoenergetics® -$100 /hr

Electromagnetic Therapy (iMRS full body mat, pad, or probe applicator) -

$45.00 (30 mins), $50 (45 mins.)

My name is Christa. My family has a history of glaucoma. I came to Tamiko concerned about the high pressure built up in my right eye. My..."

Christa H.

I have been receiving the benefits of Reiki and Psych-k for years with Tamiko Boug. She has helped me deal with extreme emotional pain...


Nicole S.

During and after my battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I received Reiki and Psych-k treatments from Tami. The Reiki treatments offered a powerful sense of..."

Robin C.

Many years ago, I was dealing with a variety of health issues, such as C-Deficile, and later on a knee replacement. These presented strong emotional..."


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