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What is Shamballa?


Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing System


Shamballa is very similar to Reiki. Shamballa energy is unconditional love energy. It is a higher frequency/vibrational level than Reiki. For this reason, Shamballa energy flows only for a short period of time (10-20 minutes).


Who can have a Shamballa healing session?


Both Shamballa and Reiki can only be given to someone who wants it. They must ask. It is unethical to treat someone unless permission is given. If someone is in a coma and could not physically make a decision there is no harm in sending them energy on the condition that it is for their highest good and their Higher Self has given permission. In all other cases where it is possible the person should ask or give permission including children.


How long does a Shamballa session take?


Shamballa can be done in a chair or lying on a table. It can be directed to a specific area of pain or concern, to the chakra system or simply directed to wherever needed. Shamballa can also enhance a regular Reiki session by including both modalities.


A typical session lasts approximately 20-25 minutes.


Fee: $25 (20 mins.)


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