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Holoenergetics     Healing with Love

What is Holoenergetics?


Dr. Leonard Laskow, a physician of 25 years, developed Holoenergetics. This method allows us to connect with the underlying source of a situation, disease, or illness and transform existing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. This is done using strong heart energy, and breath. The underlying source is often a long-past, deeply troubling experience.


Example: Someone who was punished and humiliated as a child for something he/she didn’t do may have carried into adulthood the unconscious belief: No matter how hard I try, I’m bad and deserve to suffer. One way this person expresses this loss of faith in his/her right to happiness is through the physical pain of illness. (Holoenergetics® Healing With Love Manual)


Dr. Leonard Laskow’s model of conscious transformation consists of Four R’s of Holoenergetic Healing: Rational Recognition, Resonance, Release, and Reformation


1. Rational Recognition

What is it I want to change or heal? What does having this illness or issue keep me from doing, being, or having?


2. Resonance

Here we trace the feeling deep inside in order to come into energetic resonance with what we want to change.


3. Release

The undesirable pattern is released using breath, intention, imagery, and energy.


4. Reformation

The old form (or undesirable pattern) is replaced with a new healing system of guidance (or positive energy).


Some of the Holoenergetic Processes Include:


The Tracing Process

This process allows you to transform deeply rooted sources of illness or trauma at a core level by releasing stored or blocked energy in the body.


Unconditional Love Process for Tracing


This allows your own loving heart energy to complete the healing while surrounding your body with love.




This is an inner process allowing you to let go of an energy form we hold in our mind. By using forgiveness to let go of this form, we also release ourselves by letting go of the hurt and anger, which are constant reminders of our past distress. Until we forgive, we are energetically connected to the person. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. By forgiving, the energy we were using to hold on to the anger, disappointment, or hurt becomes available to us to use in positive ways. Here, forgiving others is a form of self-love. (Healing with Love, by Leonard Laskow MD)


Fee: $100/hour- most sessions run around one and a half hours


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